Saturday, July 30, 2011

KET Speaking Test-British Council

Cambridge University
British Council

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My Teacher
My teacher is Mrs. Saroja Ranaweera. She is from Gampaha. She is married. Her husband is Mr. Roshan Ranaweera. He is also employed. He is an engineer. He works at Anuradhapura. They have two children. They live at Anuradhapura now. My teacher is very kind to us. She teaches us English. She comes to school by car. She is a graduate teacher. She studied at the University of Colombo. We like her teaching very much.
Getting information about your teacher
A. Hi! Who is your teacher?
B. She is Mrs. Saroja Ranaweera.
A. Where is she from?
B. She is from Gampaha.
A. Is she married?
B. Yes, of course.
A. Who is her husband?
B. He is Roshan Ranaweera.
A. Is he employed?
B. Yes, certainly.
A. What does he do?
B. He is an engineer.
A. Where does he work?
B. He works at Anuradhapura.
A. Do they have children?
B. Yes, they do.
A. How many children do they have?
B. They have two children.
A. Is your teacher kind?
B. Yes, certainly.
A. What does she teach you?
B. She teaches us English.
A. How does she come to school?
B. She comes to school by car.
A. Is she a graduate teacher?
B. Yes, she is.
A. Where did she study?
B. She studied at the University of Colombo.
A. Do you like her teaching?
B. Yes, of course.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You and I...By Subajana Jayaseelan

You and I
The Creation of God –But
Completely two different features--and
With distinct in personalities!!
But, the color of blood same in the veins
Of yours and mine!
Same little heart in the similar positions
In you and I
Oh! Then ……Then ……
What makes you and I different?