Saturday, April 28, 2012

BBU- Diploma- Vesak Festival-2012

Vesak festival is very important to all Buddhists all over the world. Birth, attaining Buddhahood and passing away of the Buddha occurred on the Vesak Full Moon Day. Therefore, this is a very significant festival for the Buddhists. During this day, many Buddhists go to the temple and observe sil. Some people are involved in religious activities. They offer alms to the poor, old and sick people. Dhamma sermons are also conducted in various places in the country. The houses and other institutions are decorated and illuminated. We can see many pandols and vesak lanterns throughout the country. Colombo is very famous for vasak lanterns. In some places of the country, the vesak lantern competitions are conducted. And also, some people organize the recitation of Vesak Bhakthi Gee. Every year, we celebrate the vesak festival in order to mark the noble three events of the Buddha. It is a national festival in Sri Lanka today.

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