Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Television is regarded as one of the miracles of the modern science. There are many sources of getting information in the world today. Radio, television, telex, fax, E-mail and internet are some of them. Out of all these sources television has become the most powerful source of getting information. A television has two fold benefits. We can see and also listen to the important incidents that take place in different parts of the world.
Mankind is indebted to Baird, a famous scientist who invented the television. Television plays an important role in the modern society. Several programs are telecast with the help of satellites. The introduction of color T.V has made this medium very popular and effective. Business community, farmers, teachers, students and in short, every section of the society derive benefits from this medium. Very valuable educational programs are telecast almost every day. They are very useful to school children. Screen education has a great educative value. It has been revealed that any subject could be taught through the T.V. The students gain a lot from T.V. lessons, because the material taught is the outcome of the experience of best available teachers.
Television gives mental satisfaction to all. After a day’s hard work, one can comfortably sit and enjoy various programmers such as movies, dramas, musical concerts, quiz programmers and cartoons. News program too has become very popular. Incidents that take place around the world are shown with pictures.
The T.V. has also brought about a silent revolution in the present day society. Even farmers and workers find it useful and enjoyable. It not only entertains them but also educates them. There are special programs on agriculture. A lot of useful knowledge and information could be imparted to them through this medium. They get valuable instructions from the experts in the field of agriculture.
Now let’s look at the bad effects of the T.V. Parents and teachers complain that children neglect their studies because of the television. They also say that some programs are not at all suitable for children. There is another complaint to the effect that most programs show anti – social activities such as murder and robberies. They say that these programmers corrupt the minds of the younger generation. There form the authorities concerned should look into this matter and take immediate action to remedy the situation. Anything becomes good or bad by the way it is used. Parents should not allow their children to watch such programs.–-it’s-good-and-bad-effects...13.06.2012
D.N. Aloysius

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