Saturday, July 13, 2013

Leave Taking - By Cecil Rajendra

When we read the above poem, we come to understand the ignorance of adults towards the elderly people, which really is the theme of this poem. The above lines show us that the adults are not capable enough to provide elderly people their satisfaction of and happiness. Their only joy is from the smaller ones because we see the poor relationship between adults and old people. Therefore, the first few lines which I mentioned are quite enough to realize the carelessness of the adults in the modern society towards the old people.What we notice is that the old people are discriminated.
Due to this fact, the relationship between the young ones and the elderly people become very strong. They engage in various activities like laughing, playing, quarreling, and watching TV together.
    "They laughed, played, quarreled, and embraced
       watched television together"  
 The poet shows us that the adults do not even have time to correspond with the elderly people. It is understood when he comments:
                ".......the rest had little to say to the old man"
           It reminds us of their poor relationship that they do not have time to talk with old people. So, they are subjected loneliness as well as mental sufferings. Cecil Rajendra shows this weakness of the people in today society. But, they behave very different at the time of their death. They shout very loudly telling the death of the old man is a big loss. Yet, they are not worried so much when they were alive. Therefore, when we make a careful study, we understand how careless the modern man is towards the old people. The poet shows their ignorance in a vivid manner.

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