Saturday, July 25, 2015

Methods of Teaching English Language (PDGE-022)-Postgraduate Diploma in Education- Rajarata University of Sri Lanka

Aims and objectives of teaching English in schools
a.      English is a global language
Science and Technology/Commerce and Business/Health and Physical Education/Legal Matters/ Research/Higher Education/Sports/Astronomy/Modern Communication Methods/Aviation and Shipping/Agriculture/Education/World Summits and Conferences
b.      Students should be able to use English
Productive skills-speaking/writing
Receptive skills-listening/reading
Skimming/scanning/loud reading/reproduction/telephone conversation/dialogues/direction/instructions
c.       GCE-OL Examination-Certificate
Grammar/(Essay/Letter/Note/Story/Report/Notice writing/ etc…), Reading Comprehension/Picture Description/Cloze Passages/
d.      English Day Competition-Creative writing/copy writing /recitation/dictation/dramas/
e.      English Literary Association
Agenda/minutes/speeches/vote of thanks/welcome speech/announcing
f.        Wall Paper/Articles to school magazine and children’s corner in newspapers (Fun day Times/Junior Observer)
g.      Motivating the children to learn in English (English Medium Classes from Grade 06 to Grade 13)
h.     After entering the university, the students will be able to follow their respective courses in English medium
i.        Employability in both public sector, private sector or self-employment
j.        English Literature for both OL and AL Examinations
k.      Intellectual/Rational/Ethical/Academic/Cultural/Political/Religious and Social Development
l.        Improving soft skills/personality/leadership/motivation/patience/flexibility/ politeness/adjustability/empathy etc…
m.   Higher studies in Local and International Universities
n.     Employments overseas
o.      International relationship
p.      Ultimate outcome: Creating an intellectual and  ethical academic, who will serve both the people and the country


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