Monday, February 27, 2017

Grammar Translation Method

Generally,   teaching methods are necessary when we learn a foreign or second language. The ancient people wanted to learn the literature of Greek and Latin. As a result, for the first time, in the 19th century, Grammar Translation Method was introduced. It was applied to teach literature of both Greek and Latin. Since Latin and Greek are classical languages, this method was known as a classical method. It was also known as traditional method.
In grammar–translation classes, students learn grammatical rules and then apply with those rules by translating sentences between the target language and the native language. Advanced students may be required to translate the whole text word-for-word. The method has two main goals:
·       To enable students to read and translate literature written in the source language
·       Students’ general intellectual development. It originated from the practice of teaching Latin.

The overall concept of grammar-translation has been criticized due to a lack of verifiable sources that supported the existence of such a method in the nineteenth century, or earlier. 

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