Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rajarata University of Sri Lanka/Diploma in Business Economics/Business Communication

Oral communication


Interviewee: Good morning Sir!
Interviewer: Good morning! Mr. Ranaweera. Be seated please.
Interviewee: Thank you, Sir.
Interviewer: You are welcome. Where are you from?
Interviewee: I am from Anuradhapura.
Interviewer: Anuradhapura, whereabouts?
Interviewee: New Town
Interviewer: OK, Mr. Ranaweera. Can you tell me something about your family?

Interviewee: I am married. My wife is Saroja Ranaweera. She is employed as a nurse. She works at Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital. We have only one child. He is two years old.

Interviewer: What about your parents?
Interviewee: They are retired teachers. They live with us.
Interviewer: Do you have brothers and sisters?

Interviewee: Yes, of course. I have two brothers and one sister. They are all employed and married. They also live at Anuradhapura.

Interviewer: What do they do?
Interviewee: My two brothers are teachers. My sister is a nurse.
Interviewer: O.K. Mr. Ranaweera. Where did you study?
Interviewee: I studied at Anuradhapura Central College.
Interviewer: Could you please tell me about your educational qualifications?
Interviewee: Yes, sir. I passed my G.C.E A/L Examination in 2005.
Interviewer: What subjects did you offer for your G.C.E A/L Examination?

Interviewee: I offered Arts subjects. They are Sinhala, Economics and Political Science.

Interviewer: What about your English and IT knowledge? Can you manage to work in English in the office?

Interviewee: Yes, of course. I have followed two Diploma Courses in English and It. Therefore, I think I can manage to work in English.

Interviewer: Do you have any working experience regarding this field?

Interviewee: Yes, sir. I have worked in the same field for two years on a project. It is related to the economic development.

Interviewer: O.K. Mr. Ranaweera. If you are selected for this post, would you like to work in our branch at Matale? We have a vacancy there for a Development Assistant.

Interviewee: Yes, certainly. Since I am from Kandy, I can easily travel there.
Interviewer: Thank you, Mr. Ranaweera. We will inform you the result.
Interviewee: O.K. Sir. Thank you very much.
Interviewer: You are welcome.

D.N. Aloysius
Lecturer in English
Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
Rajarata University of Sri Lanka

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