Saturday, September 24, 2011

BBU- External Degree-GAQ-2011 Marks on Classroom Test

BBU/EXD/2011-2012/00332 Pass
BBU/EXD/2011-2012/00334 Pass (You must work hard)
BBU/EXD/2011-2012/00436 Pass (You must work hard)
BBU/EXD/2011-2012/00408 Pass
BBU/EXD/2011-2012/00421 Pass
BBU/EXD/2011-2012/00474 Pass
BBU/EXD/2011-2012/00435 Pass
BBU/EXD/2011-2012/00465 Pass
BBU/EXD/2011-2012/00450 Pass
BBU/EXD/2011-2012/00361 Pass
BBU/EXD/2011-2012/00345 Pass
BBU/EXD/2011-2012/00371 Pass
BBU/EXD/2011-2012/00462 Pass

Please improve your handwriting, grammar and spelling.You are also required to read a lot. Please don't get discouraged. Good Luck!

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