Sunday, December 25, 2011

Business Communication ELT-4141

Rajarata University of Sri Lanka
Faculty of Management Studies
2005/2006 B.Sc. (Accountancy & Finance/Business Management/Business Information Technology) Special Degree
Year IV Semester I Examination- September/October 2010
Business Communication ELT-4141
Answer any five (05) questions. Time: Three (03) Hours

01. Define the term business communication and explain its different aspects.
02. What factors contribute to effective communication?
03. (I) Discuss the importance of Curriculum Vitae regarding an employment opportunity.
(II) Explain the effective way of writing your Curriculum Vitae.
04. (I) Newsletter is a remarkable aspect of business communication in any organization. Discuss the validity of this statement.
05. (II) Explain how you design a newsletter in order to communicate with both internal and external people regarding a particular firm.
06. Discuss the techniques you apply to make your presentation more effective regarding a business matter.
07. Preparing yourself for an interview and facing it successfully convinces your employer. Discuss with relevant facts.
08. Explain the barriers for effective communication with relevant examples.

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