Saturday, March 17, 2012

An Incident-BBU-Preliminary

An incident
One day, when I was travelling by bus, I met a gentleman. He was in his mid fifties. He was calm and quiet. He did not speak to anybody. He was reading an English book. He smiled with me.
On the way, at a check point, the bus stopped. Two policemen got into the bus and asked all passengers to get down from the bus. We all obeyed his order. That gentleman also got down from the bus with us. After that, they checked the bus and our identity cards. One policeman checked the gentleman’s identity card. At once, the policeman was surprised and saluted the gentleman. We were all surprised and looked at the gentleman. He told nothing and got into the bus again with a smile.
After some time, the bus stopped at the court. The gentleman got down from the bus and walked towards the court. All the people near the court stood up and bowed him.
Then only, we came to know that he was a judge. I will never forget this incident in my life.

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