Sunday, November 21, 2010

Road Accidents-External Degree (English) University of Sri Jayawardenepura

You are required to conduct a research to find out the reasons for the increase in road accidents. Write a report based on your findings including your recommendations on how to reduce the number of road accidents.

Many road accidents are reported to have occurred in the island during the past few months. According to the recent police reports, the number of road accidents has increased in comparison to the previous year. It is found that many reasons contribute to this situation. We should, therefore, initiate effective measures to reduce the number of road accidents.
As pointed out earlier, there are many reasons for road accidents. Some of them are recklessness, drunkenness, lack of knowledge of the Highway Code and violating it, using mobile phones, poor condition of the roads and vehicles, ignorance of safety methods such as wearing helmets and using seat belts, unprotected railway gates and inexperienced driving.
In accordance with the research, it is apparent that immediate measures should be taken to minimize the number of road accidents. Hence, it is recommended that the prevalent traffic law should be properly implemented. Penalty and punishment should also be increased. It is the duty of the relevant authorities to check the conditions of the vehicles and recommend them for running. It is also recommended that the Highway Code should be revised.
In conclusion, it is now obvious that there are many reasons for the increasing number of road accidents in the country. It is, therefore, necessary for the authorities concerned to implement the above recommendations immediately in order to prevent the road accidents.

D.N. Aloysius


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