Sunday, January 30, 2011

Preliminary -BBU/EEC 30.01.2011

I can never forget my first day at school

Submitted by Wimal Ariyasena (BBU/EEC/2010-2011/P/50)

I can never forget my first day at school. I came to school early in the morning with my parents. Then, we met the principal and registered my name .After that, we went to meet my class teacher and worshiped her. She was a kind- hearted teacher. I was very afraid of going to my class room. There were many children in the class. Some were crying and some were chatting with others. After some time, the teacher came to the class room and all parents left. It was the first time of my life without my parents. I was alone and began to cry. At that time, one boy came to me and gave me a piece of cake. I stopped crying and began to play with him. Our teacher taught us how to write “ayanna” methodically. After that, the teacher gave us some time for playing. Finally, we had our lunch and got ready to go home. My father had come to pick me up. I came home and told my parents all the incidents, which I had faced at school.

D.N. Aloysius

Rajarata University of Sri Lanka

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