Sunday, June 5, 2011


“Fair View”,
10th Lane,
Colombo 3.

8th of June,2005.

The Managing Director,
Spring Grove Hotel, Kandy.

Dear Sir,
I wish to complain of the unsatisfactory service of Spring Grove Hotel.
During a recent visit there, I was subjected to the insolence of one of the waiters, who subsequently refused to disclose his name.
I attempted to get in touch with the Manageress but this proved impossible as she was not to be seen, and none of the staff appeared to know her whereabouts. I was therefore compelled to leave without seeing her.
I am writing this to you in the hope that you will take some action regarding this.
I may add that as a regular traveler I have had considerable experienced of hotels, both at home and abroad, and never have I known of a parallel to this state of affairs.

Yours faithfully,
S.K. Wijenayake.

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