Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Interview Techniques

  • Your interview is a chance for us to get a picture of you and your abilities, and to see if you have the innovation, drive, and ambition we're looking for
  • Remember that it's a two-way process – you need to get an insight into how we work too. Feel free to ask questions
  • Be punctual – turning up late never leaves a good impression
  • We're not looking for "right" or "wrong" answers. We'll avoid using closed or leading questions, and give you the opportunity to be honest and realistic about what you think and know. If you're open with us, it's a much more constructive process and will help both you and us decide whether we're right for each other
  • We'll ask you about situations you've experienced, so you should be ready to give real examples. Your roles and responsibilities don't all have to be work-related. Think about achievements you've had in other contexts as well – socially, academically, or in the community
  • Do some background research on Unilever, and give yourself an understanding of our business and spheres of interest
  • Finally, try to relax! Interviews are an important part of the process and can be nerve-wracking. Smiling and looking confident and comfortable creates a great impression

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