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How to prepare Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae
A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a summary of your personal, academic and professional background. Its purpose is to outline your qualifications, skills and experience for a specific career, promotion, fellowship or grant. Its length depends on your qualifications and various activities relevant to your career and field. You should keep in mind that each field has a different standard. For example, in applying for an academic position, an applicant is asked to submit a CV along with a Dissertation Abstract, a Statement of Research Interests, and a Statement of Teaching Interests. It is important to present a clear and well-organized application. Your goal is to motivate your employer to interview you. Hence, you should prepare your CV so that you will be called for the interview. A CV should consist of primary and supplementary materials.

Primary material
·         Personal  information
·         Academic qualifications
·         Professional qualifications
·         Work experience
·         Awards
·         Grants/Fellowships/Scholarships
·         Research experience
·         Publications and presentations
·         Languages
·         Computer literacy
·         Memberships, Associations, Conferences, Committees etc
·         Study tours
·         Schools attended
·         Workshops/seminars participated
·         References
Supplementary material
  • Covering  letter
  • Certificates (Academic/service/ testimonials etc)
  • Dissertation Abstract
  • Statement of Research and Scholarly Interests
  • Statement of Teaching Interests
  • Course lists
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