Sunday, February 20, 2011

Friendship by Subajana Jayaseelan Lecturer in English Vavuniya Campus 20.02.2011

Friendship seemed to be ordinary
Until I met you!
In this world people show
Fake love and affection!!
No genuineness
Talk with mere sugar coated tongue
With some expectations…
To fulfill their own benefits..
But you!!!
Without expectation showed only
Immaculate affection..
Frankness and intimacy
Above all your altruistic nature..
Easy going attitude well refined mannerism
Such sterling qualities enticed me a lot
Indeed made me astound!!
These not flattering words
Came from the bottom of my heart
Dear my friend!!
Languages. or .Distances
Races..or Religions
Even changes in the age
Can never decide a true friendship
I realized everything after meeting you!!

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