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How Poverty leads women conquering for survival in this world? -Subajana Jayaseelan- Lecturer In English -Vavuniya Campus-21.02.2011

How Poverty leads women conquering for survival in this world?
In general, there is an assumption that women are the delicate creation of God; from the ancient stonage to present scientific world this is the story, though, women have proved their talents in many ways. However, women are considered as the secondary or inferior ones to men at the social status, even the rate of literacy at the skyrocket level. Of course, women are soft and fragile in physical appearance, but they have enough willpower, potency and confidence to face the challenges for a successful life.
The time has changed vastly; even the nations are governed by women now. Even then, there are thousands and thousands of women have been tied with the hands of poverty, still then and there, suffering very badly. They have been bullied and ill-treated by men. This scenario can be found in every nook and corner. It’s (It is) really regrettable and heart rending bitter incidents and experiences.
The primary cause behind this is, no doubt, men who are irresponsible to look after their families, lazy to work, illiterate, arrogance, malpractices such as addicted to alcohol, drugs and smoking and so on. They waste money in vain. It’s a well known fact, that men from those rural areas generally drink and laze around while the wives go abroad and slave away and suffer abuse etc.
As a result, women are forced to take the whole responsibilities and burdens on their both shoulders. This compels them, to face innumerable problems and hardships in their lives. To get rid of impoverished agonies and aggressive situation, they look for the greener pastures because no option for this pitiable women; so this ends up in taking them to Middle East, where they bear indescribable nightmares and nostalgias.
Day in and out, we read in newspapers and hear from the other Medias, many bitter and blood freezing incidents are taken place in Middle East. Recently, a few months back ,there was a burning issue in all modes of Medias about a woman, who went to the Middle East as a house maid, was driven with twenty -four nails in her body as a punishment by her Saudi Arabian employer as she was complaining of her heavy workload. She was traumatized with beatings and physical abuses. This clearly signifies how meanly the women are treated by cruel men. According to human rights report, many foreign housemaids, in oil-rich gulf, sometimes work twenty –one hour a day without medical care, enough food, no right to go home and they also face violence and harassments.
The treatment of Sri Lankan woman is most despicable. These countries should try to create jobs for its people rather than export them into Arab barbaric heartless slavery. I wonder why most people are not showing any rage for this case, and other similar cases. I believe there are thousands of similar cases happened in Saudi and other Gulf countries, every few weeks I read such story in a local newspaper. Hence, the hardships of migrant workers become a social issue; Hence, every citizen of the country, government and relevant authorities should have the bounden duty to get a permanent solution for this issue.

The main reason is poverty; to free them from paucity only women go there, leaving their loving children and husbands. In this gap, many unexpected twists and turns took place place besides, hopes and dreams of the women get shattered once they reach the Middle East and return to the mother country, Sri Lanka, not only without money, but also losing all their moral values. By the time the mother lands in the country, she can see the disaster and the destruction of the whole family such as husband is married again to somebody or having illegal relationship, children are ill treated by their step mother or the relatives and left out in an eye -folded situation. The root cause for such happenings is irresponsibleness of men.
So, the innocent children, newly sprout buds and tomorrow’s blooming flowers, are withered and lost the fragrance and stained. The children, who are the heroes of tomorrow, lost (lose) their beautiful future and they are left in the desert. This dilapidated condition aggravates the situation of the developing countries like Sri Lanka more and more; this may drag the country behind in the global rank of prosperity.
The hard earned wages of domestic workers form a significant part of the billions of dollars in remittances are being sent home for developing countries every year. Hence, unions, activists and human rights campaigners voiced that the migrant workers need greater protection, but governments of Arab are failing to include them in laws or their rights are limited.
Nevertheless, for the betterment of women’s bright future the Sri Lankan government has the immense accountability by enforcing immediate action to save our mothers, sisters and daughters. Hence, poverty should be eradicated from the country like Sri Lanka and other developing countries such as Vietnam, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. All in all, protecting and giving due respect to women is the duty of every man of the country.

The Island; 20.032011

D.N. Aloysius

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