Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thousand miles to go!! -Subajana Jeyaseelan Lecturer in English. Vavuniya Campus

A mixture of Students from
North and South East and West
Landed for the first time in Vavuniya
Not knowing the short- comings and the drawbacks
Poor buildings and infrastructure facilities
With many dreams and imaginations footed
Searching with curiosity on finding the Vavuniya campus
Looking for huge and gigantic buildings
With beautiful architecture
But! Alas!! Five little buildings in five different corners
Shattered hopes and expectations - Seeing it
Beats the heart ‘lab tub’ ‘lab tub’
Sounds of the beats echoed in the ears of the other
The voice comes ‘Madam where is ELTU’?
The heart knoweth its own pain
No more energy to direct the place
My heart weeps –without knowing to anyone
Again mustered, my courage showed locations
Students blinking with confusion and staring at me
Eyes showed the astonishment!
Faces gone dark with gloominess
Some frowned and some in melancholy
But, they are young ducklings incapable to digest the fact
I remember telling one ‘No I want to go home’ with meek voice and pale face
Encouraged them by explaining
Education depends on hard work not on buildings
At last, places were shown
Administration, library, labs, faculties and tiny ELTU
Days become weeks and weeks turns into month
Months swallowed by year
With the wheel of time span comes the maturity
Gradually adapted to the system
Even nature shows partiality
Quenching thirst becomes challenging
Water concentrated with calcium creates ailments
Many a coin fritter on water
No matter goes the money
Learning and teaching
Twin actions become serious
It over took all the agonies and nightmares
Everyone realizes; no pain, no gain
Incessant cycling and walking to the lectures
Here and there in Scorching sun and heavy showers
Reaches the small thatched hall with cadjan roofing
Lesson of English started in huts with natural atmosphere
This is the story of a decade or two!!!
Lecturers and students with the beam of hope
Dawning for tomorrow - To
Free from routine thousand miles to go! By: Subajana Jeyaseelan

It is really interesting. You seem to have great sympathy towards some characters of your students.You talked about reality.Congratulations!

D.N. Aloysius

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