Friday, February 25, 2011

Mother Weeps! By Subajana Jeyaseelan Leturer in English -Vavuniya Campus 25.02.2011

Mother Weeps!

The colour of red was pretty!
Once upon a time- but,
Now our motherland is
Sinking in the stream of blood
The blood! The red
On the streets, in the lanes
Everywhere humans are left as corpse!!
No dignity for human soul indeed!
Each and everyone has license to
Take the life of somebody!—but
Nobody cares!
Why? Why? Because the direction of cannon
Can be turned – And sprinkle the bullets
At them;
Pierce heart and head
Thirst is quenched!!
The stains of cold blood seem to be
Dried in the sand! The red
Oh my motherland!
When are you going free from
These agonies; torments and tortures
No peace in the country
It’s shrouded with gloomy clouds
Full of darkness with evil mindedness
Scary expressed in meek eyes
Mouths opened only for munching food
Motherland weeps! And weeps! And weeps!
Her tears also red –the symbol of danger
Oh! Mother how can we live in peace?
No one else- but two brothers fighting for
Mother! I beg you for justice and
Let’s live in PEACE.

D.N. Aloysius-25.02.2011

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